As it happened: US election 2020 latest: Biden hits out at Trump over pandemic

Some say America is now a house divided. In many American families, their houses are indeed divided by political differences, putting strains on their relationships.

But a Chinese American family in Maryland made it work.

Thirty-one-year-old Cathy Shao has decided to vote for Biden in the US presidential election, while her husband Chenren Shao, 35, will be voting for Trump a second time.

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The couple
has been married for eight years, raising their three daughters together.

“I know
she’s Democrat, and she knows that I’m a Republican,” Mr Shao says the
political difference has never been a problem for their marriage. “I think
being humble is the key of not being offended,” he says, “We’re not trying to
persuade each other.”

When Mr
Shao speaks, Mrs Shao looks at him lovingly. Other than agreeing to disagree,
Mrs Shao believes their common goal bonds the family together. “We want to
provide a better environment for our children.”

Americans have become less willing to date their political opponents in the Trump
era, politically mixed marriages are not uncommon. A high-profile example is
Kellyanne Conway, a former counselor to President Trump, and George Conway, who
is a harsh critic of the President.

What does
managing a politically divided but happy marriage tell us about how to govern a
politically divided country?

As American
politics has become more polarised, Mrs Shao says she always appreciates a
different perspective from her spouse.

Republicans should get married with Democrats, then we naturally have different
views,” she says with a laugh.

Mrs Shao
hopes the two major political parties will recognise that their common goal is
“to make the country better, rather than attacking each other”.

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