Live election results: Colorado U.S. Senate race

Republican incumbent Sen. Cory Gardner is running for election election against former Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper.

DENVER — The U.S. Senate race in Colorado is one of the most-watched in the country, with Republicans hoping that incumbent Sen. Cory Gardner can hold onto his seat and Democrats seeing former Gov. John Hickenlooper as one of their chances to regain a Senate majority.

Neither Hickenlooper nor Gardner has lost an election during their Colorado political careers, which have spanned more than a decade. 

Democrats currently control 45 seats in the Senate, and two independent senators caucus with them, bringing the total to 47. Republicans have 53 seats, which means for the Democrats to take clear control of the Senate, they’d need to gain four seats.

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If Democrats gain only three seats, control of the Senate would depend on who wins the presidential race because the vice president, who presides over the Senate, breaks a 50-50 tie.

In addition to Colorado, Arizona, Maine and North Carolina are also considered to have Senate races with vulnerable Republicans.

>>> Counties will begin posting election results at 7 p.m. Check back for real-time updates.  

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