Andrew Janz and Jerry Dyer both feeling confident with campaigns

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — Although very different, Deputy District Attorney Andrew Janz and former Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer have some similar goals: to make the city more business-friendly and tackle the homeless crisis.

But it’s their method of solving problems that are contrasting.

The two agree on one thing: the heartfelt gesture of kissing babies and shaking hands.

Janz took his newborn baby to cast his vote last week, and Dyer and his wife brought their newest granddaughter when they voted.

Dyer said he made a promise to keep things clean, and he did.

“We’ve held true to that and over the last nine months,” Dyer said. “We’ve worked hard seven days a week I’ve campaigned.”

Dyer has pulled out all the stops, including a commercial featuring Raiders quarterback Derek Carr.

But the star power has been reciprocated by Janz and his repeated shout outs on social media by local NBA player Quincy Pondexter.

Janz is also rallying support from Rapper Fashawn. During a concert in the Tower District last weekend, the rapper also called him onstage to encourage voters to choose Janz.

As far as fundraising, Dyer has exceeded Janz in a big way. Dyer said he’d raised $950,000 Monday to Janz’s $320,000.

But Janz said his lack of big money is a testament to what his entire campaign has been about, which is average people making a difference.

No matter the outcome, both candidates insist they’ve given the campaign their all.

“I’m not nervous at all,” Dyer said. “I’ve played a lot of sports, and I always left it on the field. And I’ve left everything on the field in this campaign.”

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