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Jeffrey B. Roth

In Blue Hill, Brooklin, Brooksville, Sedgwick and Surry, Democrat Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris won 3,293 votes, compared to 1,817 votes for Republican President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

In Blue Hill, Biden/Harris received 1,310 votes; while Trump/Pence, won 624 votes; in Brooklin, the tally was 426 for Biden/Harris; and, 189 for Trump/Pence; Brooksville voters supported Biden/Harris with 450 votes compared to 219 for Trump/Pence; in Sedgwick, 511 votes were cast for Biden/Harris; and, 321 for Trump/Pence; and, in Surry, Biden/Harris drew 596 votes and Trump/Pence picked up 464 votes.

In the U.S. Senate race, voters of the five towns favored Democrat Sara Gideon, over Republican incumbent Susan Collins. In Blue Hill, Collins received 752 votes and Gideon won 1,083; in Brooklin, it was 231 for Collins and 351 for Gideon; in Brooksville, the tally was Collins 277 and 344 for Gideon; in Sedgwick, Collins won 255 and Gideon received 326 votes; and, in Surry, it was 545 for Collins and 471 for Gideon.

In the race for the House of Representatives, District 2, incumbent Democrat Jared Golden defeated his Republican opponent, Dale Crafts. In Blue Hill, Crafts won 554 votes compared to 1,410 cast for Golden; in Brooklin, the vote tally was 171 for Crafts and 447 for Golden; in Brooksville, it was 183 for Crafts and 505 for Golden; in Sedgwick, it was 291 for Crafts and 550 for Golden; and in Surry, it was 438 for Crafts and 654 for Golden.

In the County Registrar of Probate, incumbent Republican Juliette Wilbur won the election against a Republican write-in candidate, Velma Jordan, by a large margin.

In State House District 133, Democrat incumbent Sarah Pebworth ran unopposed. She garnered a total of 4,442 votes for her re-election.

In Blue Hill, out of a total of 1,993 votes cast, 1,297 were by absentee ballots; in Brooklin, 382 absentee ballots were received out of 632 total votes cast; in Brooksville, there were 697 total votes cast, of which 412 were absentee; in Sedgwick, a total of 851 votes were cast, which included 383 absentee ballots; and, in Surry, there were 583 absentee ballots received out of a total 1,106 votes cast.

All votes remain unofficial until certified by the Maine Secretary of State.

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