US Election results 2020 LIVE: Biden pulls ahead in Georgia as Trump sulks

Biden ‘on course to overturn Trump lead in Pennsylvania’

Plenty of optimism among Democrats in Pennsylvania this morning.

The state has 20 electoral college votes, which would not be enough to see Trump to victory, but would propel Joe Biden over the line.

Morning Joe presenter Steve Kornacki said that there are around 160,000 uncounted mail ballots, with Trump holding an 18,000 lead.

However around 75% of the mail votes are being won by Biden, which could see him pick up another 120,000.

Latest data shows there are 163,501 mail in ballots still to be counted in Pennsylvania, of which 58,642 are in Philadelphia. An update on some or all of Philadelphia’s ballots is expected by around 12.30pm – which could put Biden into the lead across the state.

Joe Biden is reportedly on course to overturn Donald Trump’s lead in Pennsylvania (Image: AFP via Getty Images)

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