TikTokers Post Videos of Themselves Appearing to Troll Trump Voter Fraud Hotline – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Once again, TikTok users are attempting to troll President Donald Trump by calling into a hotline for voter fraud started by his campaign, and making false, and often silly, reports to clog the lines.

Even before the ballot counting began, Trump had made false claims about voter fraud. Those claims have led to accusations of vote-rigging, protests at counting centers and false declarations of victory from Trump.

The campaign set up a voter fraud hotline for citizens to report any shady goings on they noticed at their respective voting stations.

“Help stop voter suppression, irregularities and fraud,” read a post on Twitter from Trump’s son Eric Trump, promoting the hotline. “Tell us what you’re seeing.”

But TikTok saw the hotline as an opportunity to mess with the campaign.

On Twitter, Alex Hirsch, creator of the Disney Channel series “Gravity Falls,” posted videos of himself trolling the line as characters from his show.

“I went in there, and I had a big ol’ sack and I just started taking ballots out of the box, and, you know, I didn’t even try to hide it,” Hirsch can be heard saying in one of the videos.

The two videos posted by Hirsch to Twitter have around 500,000 views.

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the prank calls to the hotline.

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