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Created by Merv Griffin, “Jeopardy!” first hit the airwaves in 1964 to become the second highest-rated daytime game show of its time. In 1975, scheduling changes resulted in a ratings drop and the show was unceremoniously canceled. On the heels of some short-lived revivals, a daily syndicated version debuted in 1984. Serving as host was a poised and even-tempered man by the name of Alex Trebek, who remained in his role until his death Nov. 8 from pancreatic cancer.

For those who are (miraculously) unaware, “Jeopardy!” distinguishes itself by way of a rather unconventional trivia method. Specifically, three contestants are presented with the answer to a question, and then tasked with providing the question that’s just been answered. The first contestant to guess the proper question receives the associated cash value, and then chooses the next answer. Mixing things up are Daily Doubles, where the contestant can place a wager on the answer and question at hand. The action culminates with Final Jeopardy, in which each contestant must once again bet on him or herself before answering the question, or should one say questioning the answer?

Part of the fun of watching “Jeopardy!” is playing along at home. Now, Stacker puts those homegrown skills to the test. Culling from the “Jeopardy!” archives—actual questions and answers from previous episodes—Stacker provides a “clue” about TV shows and then presents the answer in the form of a question. Can you answer these real “Jeopardy!” questions about TV shows? Find out here.

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