A Polling Pundit Owned Donald Trump Jr. with This Epic Clap Back on Twitter

Donald Trump Jr. tried to be snarky with polling pundit Nate Silver, the editor-in-chief of politics website Five Thirty Eight, but he ended up getting owned thanks to an epic clap back.

During a conversation with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes about the accuracy of polls, Nate said, “There’s not actually much evidence that polls are becoming less accurate. They had perhaps their best year ever in 2018. 2016 and 2020 polling errors were slightly worse than average but within a fairly normal range.”

Even though that tweet was from five days ago, Don Jr. decided to retweet it today (November 15) and he added the comment, “We understand you’re trying to salvage a very lucrative career in polling punditry but it’s getting ridiculous.”

Nate had an epic clap back when he replied and he said, “I’ll still have a job on January 21st, though.”

People are loving Nate‘s response and it’s getting so many retweets and likes.

Someone from Don Jr.‘s past has been spilling a lot of tea about him this week.

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