Corrie fans disgusted as cheating Carla Connor has sex with her boyfriend’s nephew

Coronation Street viewers were horrified with Carla Connor during Wednesday’s episode as she cheated on her boyfriend Peter Barlow.

And not only that – she cheated on him with Adam Barlow – who is his nephew, in a decidedly creepy twist.

Peter recently relapsed with alcohol after a stranger offered him some whisky because he had been mugged.

This set Peter back down a slippery slope, but when Carla confronted him about it and tried to help, he lashed out at her.

Carla rebuffed Adam, but after her fight with Peter she changed her mind

Peter said some vile things to Carla, leaving her in tears and she stormed out.

She then bumped into Adam, who had just earlier that day admitted that he had feelings for her.

Embarrassed, Carla had rebuffed him, but it appeared that after her argument with Peter, she changed her mind.

Adam made his feelings clear, despite Peter being his uncle

Carla invited Adam to share her bed in the hotel

Adam told Carla: I know he’s my uncle, I know he’s not well, but he’s bang out of order.

You’re an amazing woman, Carla.

“Oh for god’s sake shut up,” Carla told him. “It’s a big bed for one.”

Peter lashed out at Carla when she confronted him about his drinking relapse

She marched into her hotel room, leaving the door open for Adam, who walked in slowly and shut the door behind him.

Fans were furious at the pair for betraying Peter, as well as Sarah Platt, who had been in a relationship with Adam and was good friends with Carla.

One fan tweeted: “carla went from trying to support adam into getting his relationship back on track with Sarah to actually CHEAT on peter?? at this point I’m broken”.

Another added: “Carla went from tryna reunite Sarah & Adam to actually cheating on Peter with him instead seriously? WTF? Poor Sarah”.

“I loved that Carla was rooting for Adam and Sarah. This is so messed up fgs. I have arguments all the time with my partner, I don’t hunt out his nearest nephew,” complained a third.

“Adam and Carla is just WRONG! I hate it,” added a fourth.

* Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV.

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