The Walker Streaming the British Arrows Greatest Hits

A tradition for this time of year–watching the best in British advertising with the annual British Arrows Award screenings at the Walker Art Center–has to be done differently this year because of COVID-19. 

The museum announced it has compiled an online, ticketed presentation compiling more than 40 years of the awards called the British Arrows Awards Greatest Hits. The compilation builds to a section of new UK ads made in lockdown during the pandemic, and viewers will be able to see the evolution and changes in advertising over time.

“The program consistently features loads of self-deprecating humor, social satire and political provocation, singing and dancing, celebrities, and naughty innuendo influenced by developing technologies as well as attitudes,” a press release states.

The annual screenings have become a tentpole of the Walker’s programming, and its longest-running event: Last year, 95 screenings sold over 30,000 tickets.

Tickets and the screening will be available online beginning at 10 a.m. on November 19, through January 4, 2021. Ticket buyers also get “pro-tips for tea, cocktails, and special recipes—everything needed to bring the party home with British flair.”

November 19, 2020

5:58 AM

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