Vaccine anxiety, climate crisis, service industry and ‘Hokey Pokey’

Public must see leaders step up, receive vaccine 

Pfizer just announced that its COVID-19 vaccine conferred 95% protection and results for other promising vaccine candidates will be available soon. These vaccines can end the epidemic, but only if people take them.  

Recent polls indicate that at least 1 in 3 Americans is reluctant, fearing side effects and worried by an antivax movement that has disseminated discredited falsehoods.  Education by doctors has not persuaded many who are fixed in their reluctance. So, how do we encourage acceptance of safe, effective, life-saving vaccines?   

We must because reaching “herd immunity” that protects us all — even babies and the immune compromised — will necessitate broad immunization. Once vaccines are proven safe and effective, it would help if they are easily tolerated, and so far they are. Now we must get respected leaders to sign up to be immunized.  

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