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The senator said his record in the state helped him fend off Rosendale in 2018.

“I could go back and show how we’ve worked for the state of Montana and had these different points that we had touched on, whether it was veterans or ag policy or whatever it might be,” Tester said.

Though they just took a trouncing, Tester said there’s still a good bench of Democrats to run again in Montana.

“It’s important to note there’s far more cases where people didn’t win on their first show, and then turn around and win when they run later,” Tester said, adding many of the candidates are young, politically-speaking.

As for his role, Tester said he plans to help anyone who seeks it.

“I’m here for input,” Tester said. “I was influenced by a lot of pretty good people who are still around that understand what’s going on in this state. If they need resources, I can certainly connect them up with people who are smart and understand what’s going on.”

His biggest job, though, is to push Democrats nationally to talk about things that connect with voters in places like Montana. Tester is next up for re-election in 2024, and said he hasn’t decided if he’ll run again.

“We’ve got a lot of issues in rural American that are big challenges, and if you combine that with the fact we’ve had a debt that’s just exploded by Congress by a trillion dollars because of a bad tax package and the fact this pandemic has added to it also, my focus is on the challenges that are out there for this country, particularly from a rural America perspective,” Tester said.

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