Trump’s Warp Speed a success, but Biden is best to promote the vaccine

President Donald Trump walks up to speak about Operation Warp Speed in the Rose Garden at the White House on November 13, 2020 in Washington, DC. It was the first time Trump had spoken since the Nov. 3 election, as COVID-19 infections surge in the United States.
Myron B. Pitts

Two things can be true at once. Such simple logic can get lost in today’s angry times of sum-zero politics.

It is true that Operation Warp Speed has borne fruit. The program is outgoing President Donald Trump’s attempt to quickly bring to market effective vaccines for COVID-19. 

As early as January, we may see distribution of two new vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna. The vaccinations will head out first to front-line health care workers and to the most at-risk people, and then hopefully by spring, to the general public.

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