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GOP youth should push climate option

Climate change is not something only environmentalists and activists are concerned about, or even a problem that only one party believes. In fact, 85% of Republicans under 40 are concerned about rising global temperatures.

And yet, despite this steadily growing support from young conservatives in Indiana and across the country, we heard barely a word on the topic of climate change in this past campaign. But that must change.

As Democrats occupy the White House and a majority in the U.S. House, if Republicans remain stagnant on the issue and offer no alternative, America could find itself on the cusp of welcoming radical, dangerous economy-killing environmental policies in the mold of the Green New Deal. Therefore, the time is now for Republicans to heed the warnings and lock arms with their own youth base by advocating for a truly conservative market-driven alternative: the Baker-Shultz Carbon Dividends Plan.

In short, this plan would shrink the scope of government, reduce emissions by more than the environmental regulations imposed on industry by the Obama-Biden Administration, and outpace the goals laid out by the Paris Climate Accords — all while returning revenue collected from a fee on fossil fuel producers directly to the American people.

The concept of a “moonshot” climate plan, one which would magically eliminate the threat of climate change in one clean strike, may sound nice on Twitter but is unlikely to get through a divided Washington.

Furthermore, the imposition of partisan climate policy through executive action will last only as long as that political party is in power.

Thus, a plan such as the Baker-Shultz Carbon Dividend Plan, which enjoys bipartisan support, is the only realistic legislative solution that could lead to long-term positive change.

I encourage other young conservatives to raise their voices on this issue and let lawmakers know we stand to lose a generation of voters if we do not put a sensible solution forward — and fast.

— Carlton Anker, Indianapolis

2020 message for Trump supporters

I’ve resisted so far from engaging in the “T-S Opinion Section Wars,” but I can no longer remain silent. To Jeff Aitken, Mark Burns, Dan Jones and those who are displaying large Trump flags — you lost, get over it.

Bogus claims of voter fraud, conspiracy theories, and an illegitimate election, and lawsuits have all been rejected by the lower courts, state supreme courts, and SCOTUS refused to even hear any oral arguments.

I didn’t hear anyone make those claims when George W. Bush was selected in 2000, in a GOP scam called “Hanging Chads!” As far as Trump colluding with Russia, he did it for four years, in his one-on-one “meetings” with Putin.

In every one of the Trump/Putin meetings, Trump would not allow any notes to be taken. When Trump found out that notes had been taken at one of the meetings, Trump confiscated the notes and tore them up.

In 2017 when the Democrats were complaining about Russia’s verified meddling in the 2016 election, they were told “You lost. Trump is President. Get over it.” So my advice to those who are now complaining, “You lost. Biden is President. Get over it.”

— Ron Hastings, Clinton

Election claims same old tune

On Oct. 23, 2016, Mark Bennett authored a very astute — and readable — article in the Perspectives section of the Sunday Tribune-Star titled “Sowing Distrust: Trump’s Claims of ‘Rigged’ Election Undermine Democracy”. In it he referred back to the election of 1952, between Eisenhower and Adlai Stevenson, which had become very nasty in its tone, from both sides. But when Eisenhower won, Stevenson was not only gracious in his response, but supportive. As was John McCain when Obama won in 2008.

Bennett then provides an overview of the deeper context of the contemporary issues, including the meaning of democracy and the poisonous nature of accusations being made then, in 2016. Fast forward 4-plus years. And we wonder where Trump got the inspiration to dig in as he has been doing for over the past month. It’s just an extension of what he began to do four years ago, and has just jumped into again, with no more reason, and no different display of emotion and self-serving bias.

I came across this article — which I’d saved — simply cleaning out a bookcase. I have shared it with some friends as immediately relevant. And I would like to encourage the Tribune-Star to reprint it within the next week or two. Or invite Mark Bennett to write an update — please.

— Jean L. Kristeller, Terre Haute

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