Former Eskom inquiry chair throws the ANC under the bus at Zondo commission

The threats were not limited to her but her family was also affected after her children and husband were followed by unknown individuals.

Said Rantho: “We were living in fear but when I informed National Assembly speaker about intimidations, there was a follow-up by security personnel. There were people that were looking from afar what was happening to my house and to my family.

“Mr [Ntuthuzelo] Vanara (evidence leader of the inquiry) came to me one evening and said we must identify a spot where we could not be seen … He himself was in deep fear of what was going to happen to him.”

The inquiry eventually concluded its work and issued a report in 2018.

However, the following year, Rantho would be omitted from the ANC list of members set for parliament after the 2019 general elections.

“After giving the report in 2018, there were elections in 2019 and I was not re-elected to parliament by my own branch and my own region,” she said.

And as such, that was the end of her political career.

Rantho has completed her evidence at the Zondo commission.  


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