Women ride to the polls

BLUFFTON — Sheila Coressel was one of more than two dozen women that turned out Saturdayat the Democratic Party Headquarters in Bluffton to celebrate a woman’s right to vote.

The early voting pep rally for change in Washington was held to hear from a lineup of female speakers that included lawyers, activists, youth and politicians.

“Well, I didn’t get a chance to get into the National Women’s March. And so I definitely wanted to participate in here,” Coressel said. “I’m also a member of the leadership team for AHEAD — Allen and Hardin for Election Action and Democracy — and this is the group that’s putting this on. And so I’m here to support and to show that my voice counts and my vote counts and that we are ready to get into ‘good trouble’ by getting Donald Trump out of office.”

One of the speakers, Louise Myers, who served as the Cairo mayor for 11 years, had some strong words for the current occupant of the oval office.

“We’re not Democrats anymore. We’re not Republicans anymore. We’re not Independents anymore. Were Americans. And we better do things to make America strong because this guy (Trump) has gassed us. Donald, you’re a total embarrassment to me and every other American in this country. You’re fired! Now let’s go vote. We know why, we know how. Let’s go and do it,” Myers said.

Shannon Freshour, who is running for Congress against Rep. Jim Jordan, also spoke to the crowd about the importance of voting.

“What we need to do is making sure that everyone votes, that everyone has access to voting because it’s not just go out and vote, but it’s ensuring that people in places have the access to vote, you know, souls to the polls, and making sure that people are registered. It shouldn’t be hard to vote. The fact that we are making it harder, we’re trying to bring back poll taxes and we know we’re steps away from literacy taxes and we’re closing polling lines and we’re making it harder and longer to vote,” Freshour said.

After the pep rally, participants were encouraged to drop off their absentee ballot at their county’s board of elections.

Sharetta Smith of Lima claps and looks on while listening to women speakers during the Women’s Ride to Vote event held on Saturday morning.

Barb Stetttler of Bluffton dresses as Ruth Bader Ginsburg during the Women’s Ride to Vote event held on Saturday morning.

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