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After eight seasons on the air, different singers, actors, comedians and presenters have passed through the set of ‘Tu cara me suena’ who have not hesitated for a second when it comes to getting into the shoes of an artist and performing one of his songs. So throughout all this time we’ve seen amazing imitations for its enormous resemblance to the original and others that, although they were not nailed interpretations, they have brought us many smiles and laughter. In fact, in addition to the music, humor is the other main ingredient of this show, where the funny moments and the hilarious comments have never been lacking.

The Antena 3 program continues from strength to strength and is in great health After so many years, a reality that can be corroborated if we look at its audience data, which reflects that it has managed to maintain a loyal audience. Looking ahead to next season, which Gestmusic is already preparing, the casting team will have to choose new artists who dare to compete and connect with the audience thanks to their charisma on stage, so from FormulaTV we want propose a list of several contestants that we would love to see in the ninth edition of ‘Your face sounds to me’.

one Susi Caramelo

Susi Caramelo

In all the editions of ‘Your face sounds to me’ there is always a contestant who carries the greatest burden of the comic part, or at least the one we hope will give us the funniest moments. And if we talk about humor, Susi Caramelo is one of the best comedians and stand-ups we can find right now. The Catalan is characterized by a very peculiar sense of humor with whom she has starred in the occasional controversy and for which she has been called at times rude and scandalous. However, thanks to all these qualities it has managed to generate a huge group of followers that have catapulted her to fame and made her a hot topic on social media. With his presence in a format like Antena 3 We would not lack the mischievous comments and the clever humor that define him so much.

2 Ivan Labanda

Ivan Labanda

For many he is known for being the interpretation teacher of ‘Operación Triunfo 2020’, however, Ivan Labanda has a huge resume as an actor, in which his participation for years in the program ‘Polònia’ stands out. In this hit TV3 political satire format, Catalan has put himself in the shoes of more than 60 different characters, so he has a lot of experience when it comes to imitation. It has also been broadcaster, screenwriter, director and actor in film and theater, taking part in various shows and musicals, which is why he also has training when it comes to singing and music in general. In addition, he has participated as Voice actor in more than 350 films different, so you know how to modulate and work your voice. If we add to all that his self-confidence and naturalness in front of the cameras, we could have an ideal contestant for ‘Your face sounds to me’.

3 Ana Milan

Ana Milan

Ana Milan was the absolute queen of confinement during the state of alarm. His live shows through Instagram made those difficult days much more enjoyable. In fact, thanks to the success achieved, Atresmedia decided to bet on the actress and presenter to star in ‘ByAnaMilán’, fiction based on her personal experiences. However, before reaching this point, Alicante We had already fallen in love with his way of being in ‘MasterChef Celebrity’, not to mention the different characters he has played in television series such as ‘I am Bea’, ‘Camera café’ or ‘Physics or chemistry’. In addition, he has also been at the forefront of television programs such as ‘Password’ or ‘Caiga que caiga’. As we see, experience on the small screen is not lacking, but we would like to see it taking a step further and daring to imitate singers because we are sure it would be a pleasant surprise.

4 Mario jefferson

Mario jefferson

The singer Mario Jefferson has participated as a guest artist in ‘Tu cara me suena’ getting into the skin of Amaia Montero to interpret one of the songs from ‘La oreja de Van Gogh’. In addition, the jury put him to the test by asking him to imitate other artists, an occasion that he used to perfection to show that has enough capacity to imitate any singer. He has also taught us that ease, that art and that natural grace to imitate through his social networks, where he has shared videos embodying other artists such as Melody, Rosalía or the dreamed duet between Leire Martínez and Amaia Montero. For all these reasons, the contestant of ‘Factor X’ and ‘OT 2011’, may be one of the favorites of the followers of the program to be part of the contest as an official participant in an edition. However, so far that opportunity has not yet reached him, so the ninth season of the format could be the right time for the Malaga player.

5 Pastora Soler

Pastora Soler

In all the editions of ‘Tu cara me suena’ there are always professional singers as contestants. So, after his surprising stint on ‘Mask Singer: guess who sings’, Pastora Soler could be a strong candidate for the ninth season of the Gestmusic format. Hidden behind the Peacock mask, the Andalusian showed that, in addition to the genre in which she usually develops in her musical projects, she also is able to sing other songs very different from his personal style, so imitating other artists shouldn’t be a problem for her. She even dared to perform a song in English, something unusual for her. Likewise, whenever you have participated or collaborated in a television program has taught us a very kind, friendly and happy side, aspects that are valued in a positive way in formats such as ‘Your face sounds to me’, aimed at the whole family. For all these reasons, we believe that the one who was the representative of Spain in Eurovision 2012 would be a perfect fit.

6 Maxi Iglesias

Maxi Iglesias

Following his television debut as a main character in ‘Physics or Chemistry’, actor Maxi Iglesias has practically not stopped working. Not only has he participated in various national series such as ‘Los protected’, ‘Velvet’, ‘Toledo’, ‘La Embajada’ or the recent ‘Valeria’, he has also worked in international productions such as the telenovela ‘Dueños del Paraíso’ or fiction Mexican ‘Ingobernable’. In addition, leaving aside his facet as an actor, he also showed her dancing skills by competing in the version of ‘Look who is dancing!’ issued by Univision for the United States. In this way, if you already dared with this artistic modality, you could do the same with music and surprise us trying out as a singer, something that would not be new in your career since He has been the protagonist of « El guardaespaldas », a musical in which he sang a live song.

7 Samantha


Since its premiere in 2001, the Academy of ‘Operación Triunfo’ has welcomed a multitude of young singers who dreamed of making music their way of life. In addition, in each edition there has always been a contestant who has also stood out for his peculiar way of being. In ‘Operación Triunfo 2020’ that role took him by far Samantha, who dazzled us with her voice and with her outgoing character and funny and with his sincerity. Also, the Valencian has already tried what it is to get into the skin of another artist participating as guest at the final of the eighth edition of ‘Your face sounds to me’, in which he imitated María Jiménez and got the applause and good reviews from the public. Likewise, Samantha is gradually gaining more experience in front of the cameras as part of the members of the jury of the program ‘Duel de veus’, a musical format broadcast on À Punt.

8 Dani Rovira

Dani Rovira

The actor Dani Rovira is one of the best-known television faces today. Comedy was present at the beginning and it is the genre that he has tackled the most throughout his career, especially on the small screen. Thus, His facet as a comedian is perhaps the best known for the general public, especially for his appearances on shows like ‘The Comedy Club’, ‘Smonka! A pick and shovel ‘or’ The resistance ‘. He has not only participated in projects for television, he is also the protagonist of numerous successful films, among which « Eight Basque surnames » and « Eight Catalan surnames » stand out. In addition, the Malaga already participated as a special guest in the semifinal of the fifth edition imitating Ismael Serrano, an interpretation with which showed his musical talent and for which he received his deserved praise.

9 Laura Pamplona

Laura Pamplona

For the followers of ‘Here there is no one who lives’ Laura Pamplona She will always be remembered as Alicia, Belén’s attractive friend and one of Concha’s tenants in 3ºB. Although this character from the acclaimed Caballero brothers comedy is one of their most memorable roles, actually, the actress and singer has an extensive career in the world of acting. In this way, series such as ‘All men are equal’, ‘Policemen, in the heart of the street’, ‘Central Hospital’, ‘7 days in the nude’, ‘A matter of sex’, ‘The mysteries of Laura’ or ‘Hounds’ are part of his resume. Therefore, experience is not lacking. Also, if we take into account his role as a singer of the group Sweet Wasabi, Pamplona becomes a good candidate for ‘Your face sounds like’, a format in which you can also show your closest side to the public.

10 Eugeni Alemany

Eugeni Alemany

Although currently he is one of the main faces of À Punt, the autonomous chain of the Valencian Community in which he presents formats such as ‘Atrapa’m si pots’ or ‘Celebrity School’, Eugeni Alemany has been part of the small screen for years. In this way, if we inquire into the archive of Channel 9 we can see that his career on television is extensive and, in addition, at the national level it includes formats such as ‘Caiga que caiga’ or ‘What the blonde says’, among others. He is considered by many as a true showman, as he has not only worked as a presenter, he has also acted as a reporter, actor and screenwriter. With Alemany in the next season of ‘Your face sounds to me’ we would have the comedy assured, because the Valencian has more than demonstrated to know how to get the most out of every situation to make humor.

eleven Alba Flores

Alba Flores

Saray’s role in ‘Vis a vis’ put Alba Flores in the spotlight, although he had already worked in several theatrical works, in different films and in some other television series with secondary or episodic characters. However, it was from that moment that the public began to appreciate his enormous talent for acting. However, music is part of his life too, so it is not strange that some of his characters suddenly start singing, a gift he has inherited from his family. We all know that art runs through his veins and we are convinced that his passage through ‘Your face sounds to me’ would not leave anyone indifferent. Likewise, having his aunt as a member of the jury would be a game to see how they separate the family aspect from the professional, not to forget the thousand anecdotes that would come to light about the Flores family.

12 Mariona teres

Mariona teres

Mariona Terés recognized in an interview for FormulaTV that she is not a 360 actress because he needs to know how to sing, but the truth is that her skills and qualities as an actress would be enough to become a contestant on the next edition of ‘Your face sounds like me’. Other artists have passed through the imitation program who did not defend themselves at all well vocally, but Imitation also involves capturing the essence, style and movements of those singers, something that the Catalan interpreter could do perfectly. And although it was not until 2016 when he became known thanks to his work in ‘Paquita Salas’, he has participated in different films and series such as ‘Tell me how it happened’ or ‘Veneno’, where He has more than demonstrated his good work on camera and his talent for acting.

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