Crown directors quit board; Trump lawyers attack ‘politically inspired’ impeachment trial; Review of Melbourne hotel quarantine welcomed as Holiday Inn evacuated; NSW records no new locally-acquired COVID-19 cases

Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Professor Brett Sutton said the virus is believed to have been transmitted inside the Holiday Inn through a medical device.

“Three cases are related to an exposure event that involved a medical device, so that medical device is called the nebuliser and it vaporises medication or liquid into a fine mist,” he said.

“We think the exposures are to that event, this nebuliser, whereby the method of a virus was carried out into the corridor and exposed the authorised officer, the food and beverage service worker and also the other resident.

“That makes sense in terms of the geography and it makes sense in terms of the exposure time.”

Professor Sutton said the exposure was a “risk” as everyone who was under the floor may also have been exposed to the virus.

“They are all, of course, notified, they are quarantining and will be tested but we have included the entire workforce of the Holiday Inn, all residents and visitors on that basis because the risk is substantial.”

Professor Sutton said Victorians should “expect more cases” out of the outbreak.

“But obviously we have wrapped the public health around those individuals and we are going very broadly with the quarantine requirements so we’re intending to get ahead of this, we will get of it but it does make sense, in terms of use of that particular medical device.”

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