Parties already playing games over votes. But will it matter in 2022?

These are not normal cautions about the murky future. Rather, politics and voting behavior may have become more volatile than at any time since the Depression.

If true, all the standard tactics of political gamesmanship will prove irrelevant in 2022. Even attack ads, so beloved by campaign consultants, may be losing their potency at a time of crisis and cynicism about all political claims.

Yes, it is possible that Biden’s return to normalcy may carry over to the 2022 elections. And the trends outlined above may, in effect, cancel each out.

Even if that were to happen (and color me doubtful), both parties already come armed with enough congressional votes to blanket the airwaves with negative spots.

The Republicans — unable to shake their addiction to Trumpism — already offer a target-rich environment for Democrats.

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