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HB 2336, by Steagall, would strip out a section of law that empowers the governor, in times of emergency, to restrict or prohibit public or private gatherings, the “sale, purchase or dispensing of alcohol (or) … other commodities or goods,” and “such other activities as the Governor reasonably believes should be prohibited to help preserve and maintain life, health, property or the public peace.”

HB 2337, by Steagall, would limit emergency declarations to 30 days without legislative approval and would alter a section of law such that it would not allow the governor to delegate additional authority to the emergency management director.

Another section of law, though, appears to allow the governor to delegate authority however he sees fit in an emergency.

HB 1564, by Rep. Tom Gann, R-Inola, would require enforcement of eviction proceedings regardless of court actions or a declared catastrophic health emergency such as the current pandemic.

Rep. Meloyde Blancett, D-Tulsa, said that aspect of the bill is “particularly cruel” and that “not everyone who faces eviction is a bad actor. … I suspect there are fewer bad actors than we think there are.”

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