White House cautions Meena Harris

Meena Harris, niece of US President Kamala Harris, who has made a wide influence on social media using her aunt’s fame seems that she cannot use that fame anymore. Meena, a lawyer, entrepreneur, and social media influencer hogged the limelight when her aunt was named as the US Vice-Presidential nominee. Post Joe Biden’s victory, Kamala Harris stepped into the White House. Things changed for Kamala but now it has certainly changed for Meena as White House’s legal team has cautioned her from using aunt Kamala’s name to promote her personal brand.

“Some things can’t be undone,” a White House official said to LA Times. “That being said: Behaviour needs to change,” the official added.

Meena started a company four years ago that sells socially conscious T-shirts and sweatshirts. She used publicity to promote her brand said the report and capitalised on Kamala Harris’ name, likeness, life history and political slogans to produce clothing, videos, children’s books and headphones.

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