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Calls on the conservative platform for users to revolt or launch a war over the election results also grew, according to the AP’s analysis of an archived Parler dataset of 183 million posts and 13 million user profiles.

The archive, which was captured between August 2018 and Jan. 10, when Parler was taken offline, was provided in advance of publication to the AP by researcher Max Aliapoulios at New York University.

Parler posts containing the word “revolution” grew by five times as much as the overall rate of message traffic after the election, the analysis found.

About 84% of posts referring to the hashtag ”#1776″ occurred on or after Election Day, according to AP’s analysis. Post-election references to “treason” and the QAnon slogan “trust the plan” both increased by about 10 times the overall rate, the data showed.

From Jan. 6 through Jan. 8 the terms “civil war,” “trust the plan” and “hold the line” were mentioned more than 250,000 times across online media, including Twitter, Redditt and Instagram, according to an analysis by media intelligence firm Zignal Labs.

As well, Trump supporters who flooded the Capitol were quick to co-opt lingo from the American Revolution and the nation’s founding documents to paint themselves as patriots instead of extremists. In the federal cases, the FBI quotes at least 11 defendants referring to “we the people,” at least 10 referring to “1776,” at least nine using “revolution” and at least eight using some variation of “traitor” or “treason.”

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