Country will reopen in ‘stages’, with hospitality one of the last, says Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has shown a bit of ankle when it comes to his roadmap during a visit to Wales today, confirming that the “one way” route out of lockdown will come in stages, with hospitality likely to be one of the last. 

However with the new refrain of “data, not dates” ringing around Westminster and beyond, he was reluctant to give any sense of exactly when that would be, dubbing reports that restrictions could remain in place until July “speculation”. 

Sage scientists offered some hope, telling a committee of MPs that schools and outdoor activities opened too slowly the first time around, with one noting that there had never been an outbreak linked to beaches, despite the crowds of people who packed out the British coastline. 

That’s probably just as well, if the mood music on international travel continues to sound like a funeral dirge. 

With more than 2,380 votes in today’s poll, our readers have roundly rejected the suggestion that lockdown should last until daily cases fall below 1,000, with 83 per cent warning this would be the thin end of the wedge. Just 17 per cent feared the risk of a vaccine-beating variant emerging. 

For the details on this and the rest of the day’s news, carry on reading below.

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