David Perdue will need to avoid repeat of 2020 election to reclaim Senate seat

This is a column by Editorial Page Editor Adam Van Brimmer.

David Perdue’s political future comes down to a simple question.

Not “Will you run for the Senate again?” We know the recently defeated one-termer will. He has filed paperwork that is the initial procedural step toward challenging for the seat now held by Raphael Warnock. The still-to-come formal announcement is likely to clear the 2022 GOP primary field.

Assuming a Perdue-Warnock showdown is inevitable, the question for Perdue is this: “Did you learn anything from the last time?”

Adam Van Brimmer

Senate runoffs:How Georgia went blue with Warnock, Ossoff and tipped the balance of power in the Senate

Perdue’s failed 2020 Senate runoff bid was a how-not-to guide to campaigning. 

With access to tens of millions of advertising dollars, he went almost entirely negative. He frequently misrepresented his opponent’s deeds and background. 

He also skipped two debates and thereby eschewed opportunities to connect with swing voters on policy. He appeared cowardly in his absence, particularly given the fact that the challenger, Jon Ossoff, had wounded him in an earlier forum. 

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