Senator Jon Ossoff pushes for more COVID-19 relief during Fort Gordon visit

FORT GORDON, Ga. (WJBF) – A lot of optimism Friday from Senator Jon Ossoff as he met with many people on post. He says the visit was to get a better understanding of how he can be of service to everyone especially to those serving in the military.

“It’s so important that we move swiftly to pass this bill,” said the senator.

Right now, lawmakers in DC are hammering out a new COVID-19 relief bill. Friday, House Democrats fully released the proposal.

“If we pass this legislation, we will be able to produce enough vaccines that every American can get immunized by mid-summer,” assured Ossoff.

While the bill must gain approval from the House of Representatives before going to the Senate, some analysts say the bill might be stalled because everyone is not on board with raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Between stimulus checks and tax credits, the average working Georgia family of four would receive about $8,400 under the bill, according to Ossoff.

He said, “Once we in the Senate pass that legislation, it’ll go to the President for his signature.”

While at Fort Gordon the freshman senator was briefed on the latest security developments.

Ossoff explained, “What I saw today was a team of women and men committed to serving. Committed to defending our country. Who are providing an extraordinary service to our country through their service in the armed forces. I’m not going to comment on specific national security missions that are sensitive or classified but I want to express my gratitude.”

Senator Ossoff’s team also inspected some of the housing on post. He will get a full report in the coming days.

“The men and women who are serving, they’re entitled to world-class, topflight housing at the highest standard for health and safety,” said Ossoff.

He added he wants to make sure that if any military service member or a family member needs assistance with anything, call his office at 202-224-3521. He said they would be more than happy to help you.

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