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Set aside differences

to support each other

This letter is in response to a recent Letter to the Editor by John Schuiteman about the similar roots between mob violence and racial justice.

The earlier letter said that Fox News had implied that a double standard exists because folks who stormed the U.S. Capitol are being prosecuted to the max whereas the folks who participated in Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests have gotten off relatively scot-free.

As a member of the baby boomer generation, I have found throughout the decades of our many politicized movements, we have witnessed the burning of cities and bras, giving birth to the protests of BLM marchers, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) actions and the Women’s Liberation Movement, just to name a few.  All these have been fighting centuries of oppression for those ostracized as being considered different.

Recently, many actions — such as the removal of all Confederacy representation, painting red states blue, trying to change history and political lines with protest marches, property fires and insurgent confrontations — unfortunately have not changed the many years of bigotry, and as a people, we haven’t blended into a unified nation.

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Friends, this isn’t the time to be complacent. If you are ready to fight for the soul of this nation, you can start by donating to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris by clicking the button below.


Thank you so much for supporting Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign.

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