EXCLUSIVE – Fresno County Dems vote out one of their own for exposing the party accepting police campaign funds, Emily Cameron now seeking legal action

In a secret vote this week, the Fresno county democratic party voted out one of their own elected members. District two committee member Emily Cameron exposed the party and other democrats for taking campaign donations from police organizations. Cameron wanted to ban that practice. In an exclusive interview on Sunday Morning Matters, Cameron says she was booted out as retaliation for creating a website that features who took money from law enforcement during elections. Cameron says she will seek legal action against the local democratic office.

Prior to Cameron being voted out, the committee released this statment:

As you know, the Fresno County Democratic Central Committee (FCDCC) is
currently involved in a “Removal for Cause” situation involving an elected Member
from District 2. You will have seen and read the statement sent by our secretary on
August 21, 2020 regarding this situation.
Out of respect for our rules and the member’s privacy, the Executive Board has
refrained, and will continue to refrain from naming names.
Unfortunately, the member in question has made the matter public via social
You all may have read a statement from the member this week making claims of
libel, slander, defamation, invasion of privacy, and other claims of wrongdoing. The
member also created a GoFundMe page making similar claims.
These claims are false. The Executive Board has not libeled, slandered, or defamed
the member, nor has it disseminated private information regarding the member.
Nothing has been done that creates any legal or moral liability for the FCDCC or
the members of its Executive Board. We have followed, and will continue to follow,
our usual Rules and procedures as set out in our Bylaws. We have treated the
member the same way we would want to be treated if the situation was reversed.
Some members have also expressed concern that their vote on the removal item
might subject them to personal liability or personal attack by the member in
question. While we can’t speak to any attacks by the member in question, you
should all know that your vote, in favor or against removal, does not create any
legal or moral liability. Vote your conscience!
Finally, we’ve seen some members of the FCDCC commenting on this situation
online. Although everyone has the right to public comment, there is a risk that
doing so will further inflame the situation. We urge all Members of the FCDCC to
exercise restraint. There will be sufficient opportunity to address the relevant
issues in the proper forum.
Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to resolve this

-Fresno County Democratic Party Executive Board

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