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Gero and Paeka have split. The news was confirmed by Paeka on her social media page. Ever since the news of their split was confirmed, Twitter users have been reacting to the news. Here’s what happened.

Fans were upset after Paeka confirmed that she has split with Gero. Several people reacted to the news, with some saying they don’t believe in love anymore. Gero is yet to break his silence on the same. Neither Gero nor Paeka have revealed what exactly happened between them.

Gero and Paeka’s split:

The pair had a ton of followers as they showcased their life as a couple. Right from prank videos to a glimpse into their relationship, Gero and Paeka took their followers on a journey. The pair also had their own YouTube channel, an Instagram page, and a TikTok page together.

They would often post content there. However, after the news of their split was confirmed, fans noticed all the content was gone. The pair no longer has any posts on Instagram or YouTube. Paeka had confirmed the news of her split in a statement that she posted on her Instagram stories.

She deleted it shortly after posting it. However, several fans had taken a screenshot of it already. In the post, she says, “Hey guys, wanted to come on here because I know a lot of you have been worried and curious about where and how I have been. It’s been very overwhelming to be in a position where I have to explain myself and my relationship because life is very hard already privately and tbh, I was just not ready yet to have all the pain out there for the whole world to watch and form their opinion.”

She continued, “Gerohan and I broke up. In the most respectful way we are going to go through this privately off of social media to take time to heal and focus on self-love. I feel at a loss for words but I hope you all understand.” Gero is yet to comment on this.

Twitter reacts to Gero and Paeka split

People were quick to react on Twitter and many were upset with the news of their split. “I could care less about influencers n couple or whatever but Paeka n Gero bro I loved them I can’t I just can’t,” read one comment.

Another added, “NOOO PAEKA AND GERO BROKE UP. I’m actually crying no bc wtf. wtf. I cant.” “If Gero and Paeka don’t get back together , I’ll be convinced forever ain’t forever,” wrote another. “Gero and Paeka?? i no longer believe in love,” said another.

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