M’sian Actress Receives Backlash For Name-Calling & Laughing At K-Pop Artistes

“The trending The Purge shows the impact that film [has] on the public. This is the reason why certain guidelines are needed in the film industry, just as Malaysia has done for the past many years,” Janna tweeted while attaching photos of the US Capitol police officers pointing their guns at a door.

She called a netizen a ‘loser’ when they tried to educate her that the US has a long history of systemic racism against Black and Native Americans and that the movie franchise has very little to do with the riot.

Perhaps it was the string of controversies that fuelled netizens to criticise Janna for almost a week.

Since last week, #jannanick and #jannanickisgoingtojailparty have been trending on Twitter, and today, 23 February, #sorryfrommalaysia is trending for reasons connected to the controversy.

According to mStar, the 26-year-old actress has lodged a police report over the incident.

May the process of finding the accounts who have provoked and slandered me go smoothly,” Janna tweeted yesterday, 22 February, adding, “All relevant screenshots have been taken by the authorities and legal action will be taken against cybercrimes on against those involved.

At the time of writing, her Twitter is no longer accessible. SAYS could not verify if she deactivated it or it has been taken down.

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