Democrats endorse Mazzeo slate with Jiampetti for clerk | Latest Headlines

“I will work hard to make sure all voters and candidates have the utmost confidence in the voting process,” Jiampetti said.

Lucide, of Hamilton Township, will stay in the race for the primary and promised to keep the campaign positive with no negative attacks on Jiampetti.

He will also keep arguing for eliminating the county line in ballot design, he said after the convention.

“Today’s vote will result in Mayor Jiampetti receiving preferential ballot placement in the primary, which will offer her a 35% vote share based on ballot placement alone,” Lucide said in a written statement after the convention. “From the beginning, my campaign has been devoted to enriching our democracy and empowering those who have felt left out of the election process. This has not changed.”

Convention support means Jiampetti will be on the same ballot line as Gov. Phil Murphy in his reelection bid, and with Mazzeo and the rest of the endorsed slate. Lucide, on the other hand, will be on a separate line.

Lucide has joined a lawsuit against various county clerks, including current Democratic Atlantic County Clerk Ed McGettigan, to try to force a change in how ballots are designed.

Lucide favors eliminating the county line and instead randomly listing candidates under the office they are seeking.

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