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Biden tripping up the stairs is a perfect metaphor for the current condition of the republic. The best part of wearing masks is that the Secret Service could laugh at him without anybody noticing. Now we know why he spent so much time in the basement — he couldn’t get up the stairs. VP Harris is counting the days. America is so screwed.

Liberals have been saying in Sound Off that Republicans should return the $1,400 stimulus payment because no Republican in Congress supported the bill. By the same “liberal logic,” when Biden and the Democrats raise everyone’s taxes this year, only Democrats should pay the higher taxes because Republicans opposed it!

—Think Before You Speak

Joe Biden is the greatest gift ever to the Mexican drug cartels. If $500 billion in drugs got through before, what will happen with no borders? Add to that all the human and child sex trafficking as we just learned of children being sold at the border for $3,200 each. How long do you think we have before our country collapses and it’s all over? I assure you, we are beyond the point of no return, all because we left ourselves uninformed. You blew it! You’ll never know how great a country you had until it’s lost!

—The Prophet

I would like to thank the Upper Pottsgrove Township road crew for the great job they did removing the snow from the roadways this winter.

—Tony Vitacco Sr.

The notion that the migrants everyone is unjustly terrified of is a racist myth. Spreading the disease of hate is just as destructive as spreading the COVID-19 virus. Also, why is everyone so terrified of gender reassignment or identity? It prevents suicides and non-binary people from taking their life into their own hands when using public restrooms and locker rooms. Why does someone else’s happiness (that does not affect you) bother you so much?

—Greg Trout

I see that Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf visited the Berks IU to watch teachers get vaccinated. Did he go to the cemeteries to view the graves of the dead from his decision to send Covid-positive patients to nursing homes? Did he visit with the families of the elderly who died in nursing homes because Dr. Levine sent the Covid virus to nursing homes? I can’t stand the sight of that man. Thousands died because of his incompetence and stupidity.

—Rob Andrews

I cannot believe they are seriously considering year-round Daylight Savings Time. Doesn’t anyone remember when Nixon did that back in January 1974? It was a nightmare. Kids walked to school and bus stops in the pitch dark in the morning and in several states, children were killed after being hit by cars. Within days, Pennsylvania’s governor recommended that schools adjust their starting times to an hour later and our local schools had to adjust their schedules. By the fall, everyone agreed the plan was a disaster and the idea was scrapped. And yet here we are again with today’s Mercury editorial touting the advantages of the idea while ignoring every disadvantage. I suggest whoever wrote the editorial go back and look at the newspaper archives from January of 1974 to see what it was really like to live with DST in the winter.


To those who worked so hard to cancel Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head and Pepe Le Pew so quickly and successfully, will you please direct your next efforts toward canceling child pornography, pedophilia and sex trafficking? Clearly, your voices are heard over the rest of us and we would like your help with these three issues, which don’t seem to be at the top of your list of priorities, but they’re important to the rest of us. We would also like to know your secrets on how you make these cancellations happen so fast so we can make real changes that improve social, economic, and humanitarian conditions.


Finally, the Democrats are admitting that they have created a disaster at the border because they are now deploying FEMA to deal with the national emergency. Nancy Pelosi as usual is delusional and blaming President Trump for the crisis at the border. But those illegal immigrants are wearing Biden T-shirts, not Trump hats. Trump had a secure border and made it clear that they were not welcome, illegally. Trump said to migrate legally. 

—S. Light

Good ole Joe Biden from Scranton did a great job tonight claiming credit for the Covid vaccine. Way to go Joe. All last year, while Joe Biden was hiding in his basement, Joe was secretly marshaling Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson to produce vaccines. Oh, wait, maybe not. That was President Trump who did that. I just listened to a replay of Brian Williams, Joy Reid, and a host of CNN idiots saying that no way was there going to be a vaccine by the end of 2020. They said with all kinds of authority that President Trump was wrong, and there would not be a vaccine. Joe Biden has no shame, he could not even give a nod to President Trump. He looked small. If Joe wanted to be a force for unity, he should have tipped his hat to Trump. Another Biden lie exposed.

—Sam Tasik

Jane B, any man in a hardware store is dazed. In their mind, they are in a candy store and don’t know what to pick. And Ruth M, the majority of  Republicans did not want to pass the $1,400. So, why are you squawking about the extra $600? You’re lucky to get any at this point. Be grateful you got $600 last year. Trump wanted to give us $2,000 and his own group did not pass it. Senator Scott in Florida wants all people to send it all or partial back. Are you sending yours back?

Marie L.

Only a Democrat would liken a tax cut bill to a spending bill, but in the March 14 Sound Off, that is what some extreme Democrat did. In 2017, President Trump and the Republicans cut every American citizen’s taxes. But in 2021 President Biden, and Nancy Pelosi, gave away your hard-earned tax dollars. They gave money to illegal immigrants, prisoners, foreign countries, to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and we got peanuts! Each US citizen now owes about another $6,500 because of the Democrats Covid relief bill. Only about 10% of it goes to Covid relief. Evidently, the Democrats want to give more money to Nancy Pelosi to spend. I enjoy paying less in taxes when President Trump was doing things for American citizens and not for the Chinese. Remember when Biden and Obama sent billions to Iran?

For all the Trump-haters who are just dying to say that the Harris/Biden administration has nothing to do with the skyrocketing fuel prices we’ve begun to see over the past six weeks, please take a moment to do some elementary research before embarrassing yourselves. No doubt that during an administration like what we suffered through with Obama, the president had little impact on fuel prices because control of oil production and supply was beyond the control of the United States. We were energy-dependent at that time. Oh how quickly President Trump changed that paradigm! Within just a couple of years, The Donald successfully delivered on his campaign pledge to make the United States 100% energy independent.


Politicians who added anything to a Covid-19 stimulus bill not relating to the pandemic or the effects thereof are no better than someone who loots during a natural disaster. Got that Democrats? This bill has almost nothing to do with Covid or the people who are devastated because of it. But then this is just the tip of the iceberg. We will see in the next 2 years as Democrats promote their evil agenda because we failed to get informed before the election.

—Truth Be Told

As Christianity’s hold, in particular, has weakened, ideological intensity and fragmentation have risen. American faith, it turns out, is as fervent as ever; it’s just that what was once a religious belief has now been channeled into political belief. As we see here in Sound Off?

In 2017 Republicans voted for a $1.9 trillion tax cut bill that resulted in lower taxes for every middle class and lower American citizen. There’s no arguing that fact. Last week the Democrats rammed through a partisan $1.9 trillion “COVID-19 Relief” bill of which less than 10% is targeted to fund Covid-19 relief measures. There’s no arguing that face. This certainly shows once again that the Democrats’ loyalty is not with the American people. But at least they’re consistent.

Snibbly D

If Trump had been re-elected, we might never have known what a mess he left at the border. Everything was in chaos, programs were abandoned, and nothing was being done about the problem. And they’re cutting holes through his wall. The problem will take time to fix but it’s in good hands now.

The higher the COVID death count is, the more scared I am, the more scared I am, the more obedient I am. I’ll wear my mask the rest of my life if they tell me to.

The 5,000 National Guard Troops remain stationed protecting the Capitol building in Washington, DC, by order of President Biden. Wake up, Joe. There is no threat there. By comparison, there are only 5,000 troops stationed in all of Afghanistan, thanks to President Trump’s draw-down. Last night in Portland, Oregon, Antifa domestic terrorists rioted during an insurrection at the federal courthouse there. The terrorists attempted to set fire to the courthouse and had fires going along the exterior. Hundreds of terrorists were “detained.” Not sure what detained means, I guess it means they were breaking the law, but the police weren’t allowed to arrest them, so they were held for a while and then allowed to go home. I guess, they give “time outs” in Portland to terrorists for attempted arson and rioting. 


There are two types of Biden supporters: Billionaires and idiots — Check your bank account to see which one you are.

—American Pie

I received a notice from “Motcocovidvaccine” and I was to make an appointment for my vaccine at one of two Norristown locations. They gave me a token number and I filled out the form. They had a list of dates and times and what was available and I could choose from them. They said it was free and my insurance would pay for it. They wanted my insurance card numbers and all information on the back of the card. I didn’t do that and looked at the rest of the questions. One was asking for my mother’s maiden name. I deleted everything that I wrote, is this a scam or do they ask all those questions when your time comes to get the vaccine? I hope I didn’t miss out on my vaccine. Please help and send an answer to Sound Off.

I am so impressed with Sound Off. M. Furlong, Michael Stern, Robert Minninger, MarkC93, and the Great Jim Fitch to name some of the superstars. This group is always spot on. The facts, the logic, the objective approach, and the writing are outstanding. And they do it for free! Many of the comments have more facts, data and statistics than AP stories, and they certainly are better written. Sure some of the comments are opinions as intended, but unfortunately so are the front-page stories in many cases. Great job as always by Tony Phyrillas editing Sound Off. Bravo!

—Matt D.

Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates, President Biden and many Democrats want people to be issued and carry a “Covid Vaccine I.D. Card” by federal law. That means we will need an ID card to show we’ve been vaccinated, but not to vote! Am I missing something?

—Jim Fitch

So you think Joe Biden is senile, remember when Trump said the following: “We should inject Clorox in our bodies. Mexico would pay for it. I am a stable genius. I invented the word Caravan. Nobody has been tougher on Russia than me. I have more Indian blood than Pocahontas. I was the “man of the year” in Michigan. Fox is putting on more Democrats than they have Republicans. I read an article in London, everybody’s being stabbed. I’m winning everywhere. Nobody’s ever been treated badly as me. George Washington got a higher percentage than me and it’s devastating. We have the cleanest water and air we ever had. Our K9-Patrol as they call it, I call it a dog. I think I wrote 12 books all did very well. I don’t watch the stock market!”

—Clark S Kent

President Trump was correct after all, and the newest evidence does show that there were attempts to rig the election but fortunately, he lost anyway.

—Jim Tribbett

Having never been to the Capitol Building in Washington, I don’t know the layout of the place or all of the things that are inside. I’m pretty sure, however, that there are playpens set up for Josh Hawley and Marjorie Taylor Greene when Congress is in session.

Why would anyone still listen to what Fauci says is beyond me. He changes his view as often as he changes his shirt and enjoys the attention a bit too much. The big pharma industry is protected more than our own country’s people.

Has anyone else noticed that all the Sound Off comments blasting President Biden are riddled with actual evidence, facts and figures detailing his ineptitude and hypocrisy while comments from deranged never-Trumpers are void of any facts? If you haven’t noticed, you’re not paying attention.


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