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Is Senator Michael Bennet suffering from dementia? That seems unlikely given his relatively young age. Yet he appears to be enjoying the same fee pass from beltway “journalists” that’s been afforded to the “PINO” (President in Name Only) who has been allowed to shuffle off stage unmolested by state-run media drones after butchering cue card scripts for the last 12 months. So why has Senator Bennet, who is up for reelection, been given the same free pass? Given that objective journalists seem to be an endangered species these days — gone the way of the Dodo since President Trump left official Washington — let’s, just for the fun of try to channel the late Tim Russert, Walter Cronkite and Helen Thomas and pose a few questions here.

Senator, the price of gasoline has risen dramatically and with the PINO’s decision to shut down the Keystone pipeline, his steps to lock up energy development on federal land, and promise to end the use of fossil fuels, what do you want to tell your constituents who will be losing their jobs and paying the higher prices because of his fealty to Alexandria Ocrazio-Cortez?

Senator, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has stated there is no crisis on the border and that there are only 600 illegal alien children who are being held in “facilities” on the border. Since that is a blatant lie, and there are 8,500 children at facilities run by the Department of Health and Human Services and thousands more in cramped Border Patrol stations waiting for a spot to open, will you call her out on that? And a follow up sir: What do you have to say to the millions of Americans stuck at home with kids who can’t return to classrooms while PINO’s catch-and-release policy on the border is cutting busloads of illegal immigrants loose across the country without COVID screening?

Senator, the Trump administration made asylum seekers (notorious for lying about their status in order to gain admission to the U.S.) stay in Mexico to have their cases adjudicated. The PINO has ended this policy and is letting them all in now and asking questions later. Since only a small fraction of them ever show up for their hearing once in the country, are you supporting this change in policy?

Senator are you going to vote for the HR 1 which, among other things will require states to register non-citizens to vote and pour public dollars into the pockets of corrupt politicians and high-dollar consultants? Do you agree with the bill’s authors that convicted felons should be allowed to vote?

Senator what is your view on the recently released statistics that show that even though California and Florida have dealt with the pandemic in vastly different ways – with Florida shunning mask mandates and lockdowns while California shut its entire economy down, the case rates for the two states have remained identical since the start of the pandemic?

Senator do you support the attempts by states to limit the power of big tech even thought you and the PINO received huge financial support from the companies involved? Senator do you support the PINOs decision to let biological males compete in female sports, robbing girls and young women of their opportunities?

Senator do you support efforts to remove Congressman Eric Swalwell from the House Intelligence Committee after now that his lengthy sexual relationship with a Chinese intelligence operative was revealed?

Senator do you support Nancy Pelosi’s decision to build a wall abound the Capitol despite no credible reports of violence, while she let cities across American burn last summer?

Senator do you support the various gun control measures coming being introduced into the Congress? Are you opposed to any? What is your opinion of the individual right to keep and bear arms guaranteed by the Second Amendment? Senator do you think that the PINO should relinquish control over the nuclear codes to a committee, as has been asked for by 36 Democrat House Members who are frightened by his increasing inability to communicate rationally?

Imagine how comforting it would be for a politician to know he/she/they would never be challenged to discuss anything having a remote possibility of being embarrassing or politically dangerous. If there is a credible Republican out there willing to take Bennet on he/she/they should tell the press that no questions of a similar nature will be responded to until those above and a few hundred others , have been answered by the Democrat candidate. I’m not holding my breath.

Tom Tancredo, was a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1999 to 2009.

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