Crowds turn out to greet VP Kamala Harris in New Haven, West Haven

NEW HAVEN — You almost didn’t have to ask Maya Cedor, 6, and her brother Dresden, 8, what was so special about Vice President Kamala Harris flying into Tweed New Haven Regional Airport to visit New Haven and West Haven that would cause their family to wait for hours just to catch a glimpse of her limo driving by.

All you had to do was read the sign sketched out on the blackboard Maya held: “My VP looks like me!!”

OK, it was Maya’s mother, Gayathri Cedor — whose family was among about 150 people gathered along Burr and Dean streets to watch Harris’ plane land and hope for a glimpse — who spelled things out on the blackboard. But in their family, it’s even more applicable.

The kids are half African-American, half South Indian-American, two of the same ethnicities that are part of Harris’ makeup.

“We live here in New Haven” and “I’m just excited for the kids to see her,” said Cedor, who took her kids out of their remote learning at Nathan Hale School — with an email to their teachers — so they could be there.


“She’s the first woman to be vice president,” said Dresden, who held a whiteboard that read, “Welcome to New Haven.”

“We’ll make up the classes,” said his mom, speaking moments before Harris touched down.

When Air Force 2, Harris’ plane, landed at 2:26 p.m. — nearly an hour later than the most recently-announced arrival time — Katie Conner, who lives on Burr Street across the street from Tweed, was gently cradling her newborn daughter, Elizabeth, 6 months, who rocked in front of her in a sling around her mom’s neck.

“My daughter’s only 6 months old, and I thought this might be a once-in-a-lifetime thing for her,” Conner said. Even if Elizabeth doesn’t remember it, Katie Conner will be able to tell her about it.

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