Let’s preserve academic freedom from political attacks

Since we live in a university and college town, from the University of Alabama to Stillman College with Shelton State Community College tucked in for good measure, I thought readers would be interested in the state of academic freedom in the U. S. It comes from a piece by Eric Kaufman, “Academic Freedom is Withering” in the Wall Street Journal on March 1.

In spite of the Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion that the university keeps touting as necessary, in fact “diversity and [the] presence of discrimination against conservative and gender-critical scholars” are pervasive and “symptoms of a much wider problem of progressive authoritarianism,” according to Kaufman.

Conservative faculty and staff are being disciplined or threatened with disciplinary action by “a progressive monoculture” and “political discrimination” is pervasive: “4 in 10 American academics indicated in a survey … that they would not hire a Trump supporter for a job,” Kaufman wrote. So, in practical terms, if you want a job at any university, don’t wear your MAGA hat to the interview. This prejudice goes includes grant applications, journal submissions and promotion cases.

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