Your Letters: March 28, 2021

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Do I miss Mallard? Absolutely, what amazing humor. So I did some research. It seems there was a group of people that were angered everyday by Mallard. I used to read Doonesbury but I found it to be humorless so I quit reading it. What an amazing idea if you don’t like something just move on. What a poor pathetic life these people must have that they wake up angry everyday and then look for something to try to make other people angry. You can just put one cartoon on the opinion page. That would leave more room for highly intelligent diatribes.

Back to Mallard, apparently there is not enough satire to go around because 90% of this alleged humor that replaced Mallard is pathetic stabs at individuals. At least put something in that is intelligent. The current run of cartoons detract from the other caricatures on the page. Scroll on.

Raymond Schindler, Victorville

City Council seat

In regards to the filling of the open Victorville City Council seat, we just had an election. Why spend a ton of taxpayer money that could be put to better use when we already have the results of the people’s choices?

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