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Democrats claim Phil E. Buster is a villain and even has a new (old) nickname: Jim Crow. Buster’s been around awhile and was friends with famous senators such as Joe Biden and Barack Obama. Why the change? Buster is really a racist, a segregationist, anti-democratic and abusive. Who knew?

When Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid “nuked” Buster’s first cousin in November 2013 for appointments of agency heads and lower court federal judges, he never used these names as reasons. Apparently, he didn’t know, like the 1,944 senators before, what senators know now.

Two Senate Democrats — Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin — along with all 50 Republican senators are still Buster’s friends. Here’s some advice for Democrats: Sometimes an old friend inside the Beltway is better than no friends at all — especially during difficult times.

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