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Down at the factory where these columns are produced, there is a bulletin board in the break room. On that bulletin board, next to the OSHA and EEO posters and the signup sheet for our “D” League Slow-pitch Softball team, there is a sign bearing the company motto:

“Our readers are smarter than we are.”

That motto can be found throughout the factory. It is on a banner that hangs from the rafters above the assembly floor where non sequiturs and incongruities are aligned, and where puns are sorted by size and shape and dumped into bins for accessorizing the mundane declarative sentence. It is displayed over the receiving entrance where quotations are brought in by the dump truck load.

Thus, when a publication date coincides with Easter, our motto circumscribes what might be said about this confluence.

For many of our readers, the resurrection of Jesus is clear, unambiguous and the essence of their belief. For many of our readers, the resurrection does not align with their beliefs, at all.

What’s a humorist to do?

Offend? For laughs? At whose expense should I work my wit? Should I use the superiority theory of humor to amuse my like-minded readers at the expense of those whose faith differs from ours? Or, in the spirit of equity, should I adopt the role of iconoclast and offend those who believe as I do in order to amuse those who don’t?

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