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Sunrise Atlanta, the local chapter of Sunrise Movement, a national youth organization focused on environmental issues and related employment, announced it plans to introduce the Good Jobs For All campaign to the city April 7. The campaign is part of the Green New Deal, the Democrat-led plan for addressing climate change and other environmental issues.

Sunrise will display signs, pickets and banners in Midtown’s Piedmont Park along the Atlanta BeltLine at the entrance at 12th Street and Piedmont Avenue starting at about 4 p.m.

“In the midst of economic and climate crises, the Green New Deal promises to create new jobs for every American in need,” a news release stated. “Sunrise Atlanta is raising awareness of the Good Jobs for All pledge and pushing representatives to support the Green New Deal.

“In response to Georgia’s new voter suppression bill, the Atlanta action also includes messaging around ending the filibuster and protecting voting rights. The efficacy of the Biden administration and Democratic Congress will be seriously limited until the filibuster is abolished.”

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