U.S. Representative Ohio 4: Shannon Freshour


Shannon Freshour

Name: Shannon Freshour

City of Residence: Marysville, Ohio

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Office Sought: U.S House of Representatives OH-4




Why should you be elected?

First and foremost, I understand the needs of the district because I am a part of the district and I am committed to providing the best representation for our residents.

Earning both a Bachelor’s degree and a Master of Arts in American Government, focusing in Congressional Policy Making and working in and around Capital Hill, I understand how policy and legislation is crafted and how our District’s Congressional Office should provide constituent services.

Spending 20 plus years as a litigation paralegal, I understand the impact legislation and statutory language has in the real world and people’s lives. When looking at supporting or opposing any piece of legislation I will look at both the intended and unintended consequences and impact on our communities and people’s lives. I also learned how and when to compromise with opponents to accomplish the best outcome for our clients and move the process along.

Working in civil litigation has provided me the experience to help people get the services they need in a variety of ways. That experience is invaluable to establishing a system of constituent services.

Top Three Priorities:

My first goal is to reestablish a robust constituent services program. The people and the communities in the 4th District will have someone to fight along-side and for them in Washington.

I will fight to strengthen and expand the Affordable Care Act’s protections to all Americans ensuring that affordability and accessibility are at the center of the plan. I support the Biden plan which does these with cost controls at the center of it.
Education is the single most important component to rebuild a strong economy and nation. I support universal pre-K early education. I am a Head Start kid, which had a dramatic impact on my life and my ability to succeed. On the other end of that, crushing student loan debt dictates much of people’s career paths and economic stability.
I also believe that we need to reimagine school so technical jobs (non-pejoratively “blue collar”) are seen as valid options of careers as college degree necessary jobs (“white collar”). We need to support teachers and reduce the number of standardized tests because they aren’t telling anything about what students are learning and how well teachers teach. They are just taking classroom learning time away and enriching private testing companies.

The economy was declining prior to COVID hitting and then it cratered. Tens of millions of Americans lost their jobs and they are not coming back. Small businesses across our district are shuttering permanently and the ripple effect with loss of income, jobs, and tax revenue will cause a potential collapse. It is imperative the Senate and White House stop playing political games and pass the HEROES Act which provided economic assistance to communities, to small business, and to unemployed workers.

With an aging district, protecting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid is critical to protecting their lives.


I fight for those who can not fight for themselves. It is our responsibility as Americans and mine as a Catholic, to help others.

Much of this drive comes from my mom, who left an abusive marriage so her children could live free of violence. Thankfully, Ohioans helped us by providing Welfare assistance, job training, and a path off it. We still needed assistance like Head Start for me and at times, free and reduced lunches and breakfasts for my brother and me.

Those investments in my family and the safety net is being shredded more and more, day by day. I am committed to protecting the people of the 4th district while repairing the safety net so that those who need assistance to get on their feet have that opportunity.

I am dedicated to bringing honor, integrity, and dignity back to the Office of the Representative of the 4th Congressional District and paying forward Ohioans’ investment in me to the next generation.

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