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Dear conservative friends, we need more than silence from you.

There are two great long range challenges to the survival of the American Democracy Experiment. One challenge is the national debt. The other is climate change. Both these challenges are cumulative: troubling now, worse later, and in the end, horrifying, brutal, and existential.

Both these problems require more than just taking shots at political opponents without offering any real solutions. Both problems require less “talk” and more “walk.” Both problems require more than a tweet, a video, or a sound bite and then moving on. They require real world negotiations in real time with real measurable outcomes.

We must quickly reduce carbon emissions, which drive the physical and chemical process.

We have three tools available: regulations, incentives, and the marketplace. We know increased regulations are not compatible with conservative values. Financial incentives for the transition to renewable energy have some bipartisan support, but the amount of money required to do this quickly enough is probably not realistic. This leaves option three: the marketplace approach of carbon pricing with a built in way of returning the dividends to families protecting them from rising energy prices.

There are many small things we can all support, such as tree planting, or the bipartisan Growing Climate Solutions Act which encourages farmers and foresters to build carbon into their soil. But climate change is not a small thing, it is a BIG thing. It requires jumping all in, not just the dipping of toes.

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