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The Republican National Committee, on the other hand, has taken a strict and distorted view of what counts as infrastructure, for the purpose of scoring points against Biden.

Roads, bridges, waterways, ports and airports count, but public transit, utilities and other foundational elements of the economy and daily lives don’t, the GOP contends.

Here’s the RNC in an email Wednesday:

“Biden’s non-infrastructure bill hikes taxes by $2 trillion … all while only spending 7% of the bill on roads, highways, bridges, waterways, ports, and airports combined.”

“Joe Biden’s ‘infrastructure’ plan is not really about infrastructure, it is another multi-trillion dollar far left wish list. Just take a look at the actual bill. Only 7% of the bill’s spending is for what Americans traditionally think of as infrastructure.”

The claim that only 7% of the proposed money goes to traditional infrastructure is false. It’s 30% to 40% by traditional yardsticks. And at least some of the rest is closely related to infrastructure, if not a classic example of it.

Based on what the GOP describes as traditional, infrastructure spending would be limited to $157 billion for bridges, highways, roads, main streets, airports, inland waterways, ports and ferries.

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