PM Modi Becomes ‘Emotional’:  Indians React With ‘Like’, ‘Dislike’ and ‘Haha’ to His Tears

Now, “likes” broadly indicate support for Modi’s “emotional” outburst. We say broadly because people are statistically more likely to press “like” on Facebook simply because it involves just one click. “Haha”, “love”, “angry” or “care” on the other hand require scrolling over the like button and then picking the desired option.

Despite this statistical reality, if there’s a disproportionately higher number of “haha” responses, it should worry PM Modi’s spin doctors.

It does appear that at least on Facebook, the proportion of “haha” responses is higher in English news pages and pages of non-Hindi regional languages, compared to pages of Hindi news channels.


On YouTube, however, the picture is very different. Unlike Facebook, “like” and “dislike” buttons on YouTube both require one click, therefore there is an equal possibility for the viewer clicking either based on his emotions.

On the video posted in Doordarshan, there are 274 likes and 1300 dislikes.

On ABP News, there are 2,000 likes and 12,000 dislikes.

On India Today, there were 36 likes and 320 dislikes.

This seems a comparatively new phenomena.

Let’s compare this with previous instances of PM Modi crying.

This is not surprising as many appreciated the PM’s “warmth” towards an Opposition leader.

Then Modi’s “emotional speech in Parliament” soon after becoming PM in 2014 got 32,000 likes 4300 dislikes on ET Now YouTube page

Therefore, it is clear that PM Modi’s “tears” regarding the pandemic have received a much more skeptical, if not amused response compared to previous such instances.

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