Victoria to enter seven-day lockdown tonight; 11 new local COVID-19 cases in Victoria, cluster now at 26; Airlines cancel flights to Victoria; New exposure sites listed; Victoria press conference updates

Mr Merlino said no one wants to be in lockdown, but there was no other choice. 

“No one wants to be in this position, but I think the community also understands that we’ve got to follow public health advice,” he said. 

“We’ve seen overseas what happens if this thing gets away. We must follow public health advice. 

“My view is that as tough as this is for everyone, I think people appreciate that we just got to do this.” 

The public health advice given was that a state-wide lockdown was needed, rather than it being limited to metropolitan Melbourne. 

“There is very strong advice from public health that this needs to be a statewide lockdown, a circuit breaker and we will make an assessment every day in terms of how we are tracking,” Mr Merlino said.

“If it can be earlier, it will be, but it is a seven-day circuit-breaker lockdown for the entirety of the state.” 

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