The Spring Ford School District carefully navigates racial and inclusive

Royer’s Ford — For 26-year-old Elizabeth Brody, educating at a school in the Spring Ford District School District was an ideal environment and a key factor in her success.

“The environment I was taught in Springford was created for me and I felt like I was being taught without limits,” the graduate told the school board at a meeting on May 24. Told.

Unfortunately, “that’s not true for all of our classmates,” Brody told the board.

“In the last few months I have had the opportunity to contact some of my classmates of color, and their experience here wasn’t as rosy as I am,” she said. “They don’t look back on the time spent here with the same level of joy and nostalgia as I do.”

“When I hear about other colored students who recently joined Spring Ford, I’m disappointed to say that I haven’t changed much since I left,” Brody said.

But Spring-Ford wants to change that. This is why the district established the Commission on Equity, Comprehensive and Diversity two years ago.

“Spring Ford is trying to get a better understanding of what the terms fairness, diversity and inclusion mean and how to support them. All children.”

“There may be difficult conversations in our future, but it is up to each of our students to work together, unite, respect and celebrate the differences as a whole to foster a safe space. They are the most profitable and, as our mission statement shows, they too can get the best support. Be well prepared to contribute positively to their society. We do this job. I’m looking forward to it, “said Rizzo.

Carlos Wily is the director of the Paul Robeson Cultural Center at Pennsylvania State University.

On Monday, May 24, the school board hired Carlos Wily, director of the Paul Robeson Center at Pennsylvania State University, to guide the work and assist in some of the “difficult conversations.”

The Paul Robeson Cultural Center is “a place to support, educate and defend students who have experienced victims of social injustice. Our goals are diversity, leadership, racial identity development and community. Engaging and educating students in cultural abilities such as development. “

According to the evening agenda, Wily’s mission is to “provide consulting services to the district on Spring Ford’s equity, diversity, and inclusive initiatives, which is the development of a comprehensive regional excellence plan. And implementation includes professional development to include district teams. School districts 2021-2022. “

However, Wily’s employment has already raised the concerns of one district resident who expressed her concerns during public comments at the conference.

“I oppose Carlos Wily being the person who directs and creates the curriculum for our school. He specializes in critical racial theory.

“You can see his remarks on Facebook, he says,’This requires visual help to understand why you are self-satisfied with racism. For all whites to do. Ford, the best school of all time, begins a critical racial theory. “

“I think we need to be clear. He doesn’t intend to develop a curriculum. He builds a model related to diversity, inclusiveness and fairness,” said Thomas Divero, a member of the school board. We are here to support EDI, the Diversity Commission. At this point we are developing the curriculum. “

The “critical racial theory” over the age of 40 has recently been the focus of political debate, especially on school and education.

according to In an article on Education Week May 18th, “The core idea is that racism is a social construct, not only a product of individual prejudice and prejudice, but also an integral part of legal systems and policies.”

In an Education Week article, writer Stephen Sochuk wrote: Today, similar patterns of discrimination continue to live through racial discrimination elimination policies. It is hampering efforts to eliminate racism, such as single-family compartmentalization, which prevents affordable housing in predominantly white-dominated areas. “

“Critiques have accused the theory of leading to negative dynamics. For example, focusing on group identities rather than universal and shared traits, people are” oppressed “groups and” oppressed. ” “We divide them into groups and encourage intolerance,” writes Sochuk.

“Wiley was scrutinized through our impartiality, inclusiveness and diversity committee, where application submissions, credentials, interviews were conducted, and Carlos. Wiley has made a name for himself as a primary candidate recommendation from his crew. At this point he will work with us on fairness, diversity and inclusiveness, especially for racial theory. It’s not relevant. We’re just talking about how to start moving forward in the district in these three areas.

The Commission has already discussed the controversial complaints made at the Board of Education meeting on May 10.


Anthony Frigo told the Spring-Ford School Board on May 10 that it was not appropriate to put the Black Lives Matter sticker on the 7th grade center door.

At that time, resident Anthony Frigo told the board: “It looks like there’s a BLM sticker at the school’s 7th grade center. No comment on BLM, but there’s something like that at school. I don’t think it’s appropriate. I believe it’s unconstitutional and violates the First Amendment and Article 14.

Frigo added, “I don’t think it’s a sticker on the classroom door, next to it is a sticker about the Constitution, and there’s no sticker about the declaration of independence that the school should teach.”


Clinton Jackson tackled the Black Lives Matter sticker issue at the 7th Grade Center during the Spring Ford School Board Meeting on May 10.

Board member Clinton Jackson said he agreed that the sticker did not belong to the school.

“I don’t disagree with what you’re saying. Don’t put it on anything other than a Confederate flag sticker or something. It shouldn’t be put on the school district, so I support your position asking for removal.”

Resident Abbey Deardorff, who is also a candidate for the school board, is uncertain.

Abbey Deardorff

Resident and Board of Education candidate Abbey Deardorff will address the Spring Ford Board of Education.

“We’ve had so many administrative updates on diversity, fairness, and inclusion that we wonder why Black Lives Matter stickers aren’t right, or why the district feels that way, and whether we can provide feedback to the community. I was wondering, “she said in May. 10 Meetings.

“In the past, as Mr. Jackson mentioned, there were other stickers that were removed like the Confederate flag. If you allow one, you have to allow all,” said Divero. Was.

“The First Amendment to the Public School was tried in court. No school official can censor student speech unless it is disruptive to the education system, but it is not now,” the Student Commission said. Said Esika Seth, the representative of the school.

“Teaching in the classroom is based on the curriculum, but things don’t show up in the hallways,” continued Divero. “I can’t say that this month’s flavor is allowed, but I Does not like it.

At this point, district lawyer Mark Fitzgerald participated in the discussion.

Fitzgerald concluded the discussion on May 10. “I ask nine of you to remain neutral on this matter.

Two weeks later, Deardorff returned to the May 24 meeting for the latest information.

Rizzo replied that this was due to the Commission on Fairness, Diversity and Inclusiveness, “We are currently embodying it. We are continuing the discussion.”

Brody told the board, “I was disappointed to say the least when I heard some comments at the board on May 10. The board members’ comments on the Blacks Lives Matter sticker I found at school were: It was discouraging and inspiring. The same is true for many students and community members. “

Jackson said, “I’m a member of the board of directors who made the comment. It’s completely out of context, and maybe I should have given it more context.

Brody told the Board of Education, “From my experience, you have the opportunity to be here and prevent past, present and future students from experiencing and contributing to the system of repression. It exists regardless of whether the committee approves them. “

She said, “I am convinced that the Diversity and Inclusion Commission is a good future effort and I hope it will have a positive impact. I have a lot of alumni. Spring Ford I’m happy to talk to you about my experience at and the changes they want. “

The Spring Ford School District carefully navigates racial and inclusive

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