Indiana Democrats declare 2022 elections strategy at annual dinner

Hundreds of Indiana Democrats rallied online Thursday night as prominent party leaders renewed a commitment to rebuilding the party after a devastating series of losses in the 2020 statewide elections.

Among the speakers at the annual fundraising event were Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairman Jaime Harrison and Kentucky governor Andy Beshear.

“The 2022 election doesn’t start next summer after the primaries; it starts today,” said Harrison at the fundraising dinner, which was held as a Zoom virtual webinar. He reminded Indiana Democrats that the party was not giving up on flipping the state blue. “There is no such thing as a ruby-red state. They’re just parts of the country that we can put more effort into,” he added.

The Democrats face an uphill battle in the 2022 election, after a Republican sweep in both the presidential and statewide elections last November confirmed the state’s status as a Republican stronghold.

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