President Biden turns his back on America, its allies and collaborators

Team Biden’s press messaging has been at best disconnected to reality and at worst dishonest. Biden had no exit strategy.

Leaving Americans behind, deserting allies and collaborators during Afghanistan’s terrorist insurrection is not a politically partisan issue. Afghanistan has become a major humanitarian crisis. The consequences and international ramifications from the Biden administration’s mishandling of this crisis will last for decades. Taliban double-talk claiming now to be “inclusive” when openly executing women for not wearing burkhas or wearing sandals is a lie. They are trolling Joe Biden. Let’s be clear; the Taliban are terrorists. The Taliban have not changed, and it is impossible to negotiate with terrorists, period. Afghanistan was always an ideological war in which the two decades of the West’s misguided “nation-building” never had any chance of success. For 20 years, a pay-to-play Congress and military industrial complex (MIC) fleeced American taxpayers out of $6.3 trillion in wasteful global “nation-building” exercises that accomplished nothing. It was fiscal plunder.

Responsibility for this Afghanistan insurrection where, so far, hundreds have been killed, including US military personnel, and triple that number critically injured belongs to Joe Biden. Team Biden’s press messaging has been at best disconnected to reality and at worst dishonest. Biden had no exit strategy. Biden’s actions caused death and chaos. American weakness has “green-lit” China’s expansionist plans, Taiwan, beware.

The mainstream media enabled the election of a cognitively impaired 78-year-old. Biden was never required to answer any probative or substantial policy-related questions during his campaign. Instead, he was given a pass from the mainstream media and hid, in his Delaware basement, for most of his presidential campaign. Excuse: Covid. The media acted as political advocates, covering up Biden’s cognitive decline, incompetence, and repeated failures to quantify international policy issues or goals to improve the US domestic economy. The cover-up regarding the Biden family corruption and Hunter Biden’s laptop, and being compromised by foreign actors, was not only covered up by the media, but any mention of the Biden family corruption was censored by Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube. Big Tech’s censorship influenced the 2020 election results.

For four years, the media, Congress, and Democratic Party members identified America’s gravest threats as Russia and how America was founded on slavery and white supremacist values. Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland’s first press conference was his plan to combat domestic terror from unidentified bogeymen. Many in the Democratic party still claim domestic terror is the most significant threat America faces today, which they broadly define as anyone disagreeing with their policies. Team Biden and Garland failed to identify China’s financial influence-peddling: in Washington D.C., academic institutions across America, the mainstream media, and within Silicon Valley’s big tech industry. Team Biden also hid: the skyrocketing violent crime rates across America, the most significant wealth inequality gap in history, and the unravelling domestic economy and surging inflation as issues that impact every citizen. Why? Are martial law and totalitarian rule right around the corner for America? America has lost its way; fundamental American values no longer exist. Congress, intelligence services, and the MIC have plundered the economy, stoking tribalism while serving up bread and circuses as a diversion. Governments are elected to serve and protect their constituents, not line their pockets with cash from oligarchs and China.

Biden’s campaign talking points focused upon identity politics, signalling virtue, and how he promised to “pick a woman of colour as his running mate”. The Biden administration’s concentration was on “rooting out domestic terrorism” and equity. This means persecuting opposing politicians, it’s America’s cultural revolution. Equity was never explained by Biden but mentioned often, and the media never dared ask. Instead, the press would ask Biden: What flavour of ice cream do you prefer, sir?

A fearful public is an obedient and submissive public.

If Covid was not enough, Biden provided the world with more fear and chaos. Washington D.C.’s spin machine is pumping out propaganda detached from the realities surrounding Afghanistan’s insurrection. People are brutally murdered. Thousands of hostages remain, who Biden deserted. They cannot get out and will be executed. Biden has disappeared, again. Biden and his administration are not leading; Biden is hiding and allowing terrorists to dictate the terms of withdrawal from Afghanistan. Biden’s Afghanistan crisis has become the most significant hostage and humanitarian crisis in American history. Biden’s recent six-minute press conference was incoherent. First, Biden discussed Covid vaccinations and barely mentioned the Afghanistan insurrection, which he joked about. Next, Biden refused questions, turned his back on Americans and America’s allies worldwide, and walked out of the room. As a result, the media have begun to turn on Biden, signalling a significant change in their “protect Biden and anything he says at any cost” posture.

Is Kamala Harris any better? No!

In 2019, the US Senator from CA, Kamala Harris, had very little support for her disastrous primary bid to become the Democratic Party’s nominee in the presidential election of 2020. Harris garnered only 7% support from her home state’s Democratic primary voters. In October 2020, I wrote a Sunday Guardian article where I said, “It could get worse: If Joe Biden wins, Biden will likely resign in year one, and Kamala Harris, a person no one elected President but Obama wanted, will be anointed, President. Harris will then be entitled to appoint a radical VP.”

During the 2020 presidential election cycle, Kamala Harris commented on the billions of dollars in damage done by Antifa and BLM, “The protests will not stop. They are not going to stop on election day, and they shouldn’t.”

Biden’s failure to create an exit strategy that protected American troops, citizens, allies, and those local Afghans who collaborated with the US for two decades signals a breach of trust and weakness. For too long, Joe Biden’s administration and a “media” acting as Biden’s political advocates have been dishonest with the world. As a result, they have lost all credibility. Surrogates and the press have covered up Biden’s cognitive decline and misrepresented events. Accordingly, the past eight months prove Joe Biden is unfit to execute the duties and responsibilities he swore to uphold when he took his oath of office less than one year ago.

What is next?

Who stands to benefit from Afghanistan’s insurrection, the US southern border crisis, the failing US economy, and the Covid crisis? Answer: China, the MIC, Big Pharma, Big Tech, all of whom prioritize shareholder profits before human lives. Taking a page from George Orwell’s style guide, the China-owned internet plutocrats now label truth as “misinformation”. They have branded the 75 million Americans who voted for Trump as domestic terrorists. In the past year, we have seen rapid changes pushing “global socialism”. These include: abolishing free and fair elections, stripping away all personal freedoms, ending democratic principles, liberty, and freedom. The censorship-centric Silicon Valley cabal includes Amazon, Twitter, Google, Facebook, YouTube, and the global mainstream media. While Biden’s actions are a wake-up call for US citizens—everyone everywhere needs to resist the wave of oppressive, authoritarian dictatorship infecting the world. Australia and New Zealand may be test balloons to create a global Orwellian hell. You have been warned.


Mitchell Feierstein is CEO Glacier Environmental Fund.



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