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I’m from a family of combatants. My cousin Adolf was a paratrooper who landed in Normandy on D-Day and returned home to talk to his thankful family. The parachute he used was dirty with blood and dirt and became my cousin Helen’s wedding dress. Her mother and sister carefully covered the dirt with embroidered lace and pearls.

My dad spent two years in Toure Greenland at an outpost abandoned by the Arctic gods during the Cold War (the pun was not intended). My favorite photo of him is at his desk in the cramped military barracks, writing to his girlfriend Lucy. The photo is clearly visible in the background.

My uncle Louis was a Marine and was stationed in Beirut during one of the early crises of the 1950s. Decades earlier, nearly 200 of his associates were killed by the Hezbollah bomb.

My cousins ​​Alex and Anthony have served well in Vietnam. The only child of my aunt Mary shed blood and tears until she returned home safely.

And my brother, Michael, who was neither an enlisted man nor an appointed officer, was stationed in Iraq during the indictment of Saddam Hussein as a Pentagon civilian.

France. Greenland. Beirut. Vietnam. Iraq. Postcards from the front line, and part of my DNA. Nothing is more honorable than giving as much as service to this country and asking little from the majority. But the United States has demanded last-minute complete action from men and women, especially men in combat positions, and we stop considering debt only when tragedy occurs.

Last week, 13 U.S. soldiers were killed in a terrorist bomb in Kabul. They weren’t in active fighting. They were doing something inspiring to their mission: helping civilians escape from the hellish holes in Afghanistan made by men in suits.

This is not a political column. I have written about it many times in the past few weeks, and my feelings about the decisions made by our president and the omissions made by his advisers are clear. I believe Joe Biden has blood in his hands, and history wouldn’t be kind.

But this is not about him, and I regret having to mention 46 in this compliment to the fallen angel. If we focus on their death architects, their sacrifice is a disgrace.

Still, ignoring the role of politicians is re-exposing warriors to unnecessary risks beyond what they are willing to take when they pledge protection and defense. That’s what happened at LBJ and Robert McNamara. One is naive and questionable, and the other is duplicated and nihilistic. Thousands to thousands have died because of their incompetence and tandem of cheating. Their only memory is engraved in the marble monument and the hearts of the few remaining loved ones.

Yes, Biden is responsible for this. Donald Trump, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush in front of him also date back to the president and senator who thought it was a great idea to arm terrorists so that we could return. increase. In the Soviet Union.

But the focus is on ignoring the nature of the sacrifices of 10 Marines, 2 soldiers, and Navy noncommissioned officers this week. They were in the process of evacuating desperate civilians, US allies and their families, newborn women and babies from a country that had fallen into imminent turmoil and imminent tyranny. They were trying to save them with the power of their US permit, their courage, their intellect, their ingenuity, and to some extent their weapons.

Their mission was not to occupy the hills or strengthen the city. It is a separate connection of human chains, people, lives, and breaths, leading to an open door of infinite possibilities, freedom.

The fact that they were killed and killed while trying to save their lives exacerbates their losses exponentially. The Bible says, “There is no more in great love. People give up their lives for their friends.” Please go further. There is no more love for those who devote their lives to strangers.

The picture of a Marine sitting and hugging a newborn child of Afghani became viral, and the reason it did was to talk to something deep inside all of us who were dormant until the tragedy happened. Because: In dark and miserable moments, human touch is the greatest weapon against despair and the strongest defense against disasters.

The painting symbolizes what the Marines and other warriors are doing around the world in all mass war zones on this tortured planet. It’s not a shot of a duck soldier wearing dark glasses and a gun hanging on his shoulder.

It’s not a tragic image of an abused and bloody combatant alone on a hill.

It’s a picture of the Marine hugging a child.

Marines of the Stars and Stripes of Ioshima.

Despite the awakened denials who slander the past with a twisted and evolved retelling of facts and events that never happened, every moment someone in uniform appears to show what this country always means. ..

Those who died this week are an intolerable loss to their families, a horrific sacrifice to what many consider to be a failed campaign, and a tragic memory of life vulnerabilities and the toxicity of radical idealism.

But especially for me, when dealing with refugees who are anxious to escape the turmoil of Afghanistan, the corrupt people are against the bright burning light, terrorist and opportunist nihilism in the minds of generous Americans. Hope that represents the power of the human spirit (often interchangeable).

May their memories be blessings, inspirations, and calls for action. And their death may be retaliated by our refusal to pay homage to the tyrants.

Christine Flowers is a lawyer. Her column will appear on Sundays and Thursdays. Email her at

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