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Despite the constant struggle, Netflix remains the most famous platform in the world and it has a long history that supports its motivation to have titles for all audiences. An important part for this streaming service to stand out is that it searches for content (original or through licenses) for the countries that consume its titles the most. It is not strange then that the company invested millions in Mexico, and that the results began to be seen with tapes like I’m not here anymore – 100% or The goddess of asphalt – 69%. In an attempt to promote these types of products, Netflix decided to go to the director Luis Estrada.

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Luis Estrada he is best known for films such as Herod’s Law – 68%, The Perfect Dictatorship – 80% and El Infierno, where he addresses criticism and political exposition based on satire and black comedy (and very acidic). Regardless of whether his work appeals to all audiences, the director is very clear about the issues he wants to address and does so from his own vision, one that makes any film immediately recognized as his property. Estrada is one of the most consistent directors in the country, although many consider that that makes him a bit repetitive.

Thanks to this trajectory and the freedoms it gives Netflix, the director’s next film will premiere on the platform in 2022, although we do not have a confirmed release date. It is a project called Hurray Mexico!, which will star Alfonso Herrera, Damián Alcázar and Joaquín Cosio. The page of Netflix Latin America unveiled the film’s production with a picture of the cast:

To present Hurray Mexico!, Estrada spoke about the series (via

It is a film that pretends to be a metaphor for an entire country and that questions our values, desires and, above all, our idiosyncrasies. All this with a lot of black humor and framed in that little personal hell to which we all belong and that, for better or for worse, we all have: the family.

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Francisco Ramos, vice president of content for Netflix Latin America expressed his excitement for the project:

This film is one of the biggest bets we have made so far for Mexican cinema; It is very exciting to be able to bring a Luis Estrada movie to Netflix members around the world. Our commitment is # QueMéxicoSeVea and this is just the beginning.

Hurray Mexico! It seems a bit far from Estrada’s political stories, but we must not forget that the director always manages to approach this issue even if it is not with political protagonists. In A Wonderful World -%, for example, the protagonist is a low-income man who sees his life forever altered after a confusion that is interpreted as an act of protest against the country’s politics. It is possible that something similar will happen with this new tape, of which we hope to know more details soon.

It was recently announced that Netflix will produce an adaptation of Pedro Páramo, a masterpiece by Juan Rulfo. It was also confirmed that the platform bought the exhibition rights to Noche de Fuego – 100%, directed by Tatiana Huezo and recently awarded in Cannes, and of Noise, the next film by Natalia Beristáin. Of course, the service has a wide catalog of Mexican titles that already have their own history with the public, such as Chicuarotes – 47%, directed by Gael García Bernal, and El baile de los 41 – 95%, starring Alfonso Herrera and Emiliano Zurita, and that caused a lot of controversy during its premiere.

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