10 Great Ed Asner Movies And TV Shows And How To Watch Them

Up (2009)

Following the death of his wife, 78-year-old widower Carl Fredricksen (Ed Asner) grows tired and frustrated with the world (and himself) and decides to finally fulfill the dream he and Ellie had been planning since childhood: travel to Paradise Falls in South America. But, instead of flying or traveling by boat, Carl, and 8-year-old stowaway, Russell (Jordan Nagai), embark on the epic journey to the mythical wonder by attaching hundreds of balloons to his house. After landing in the scenic location, Carl comes face-to-face with wonders and dangers he could have never imagined, in Up.

Why it’s worth checking out: Ed Asner was no stranger to voice-over work when he signed on to star in Up, but his turn as the crotchety recluse will more likely than not go down as his most memorable and emotional such role. Released in the middle of a series of Pixar’s best movies, Up made us laugh, cry, and took us to a magical land that many of us continue to revisit year after year.

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