Everything We Know About the New Show

  • “American Horror Stories,” a new spinoff from Ryan Murphy, premieres its first two episodes July 15.
  • Ahead of the show’s debut, we rounded up everything we know about the new series.
  • Unlike traditional seasons of “American Horror Story,” each episode will be self-contained.

“American Horror Stories,” the new “American Horror Story” spinoff series from Ryan Murphy, premieres this week, but fans of the original show can expect a few major changes. 

For starters, each of the seven “American Horror Stories” episodes will feature a self-contained storyline — meaning that different characters and plot points will be explored throughout the season. 

It’s unclear where or when the new season will take place, but the trailer seems to suggest that the haunted home from season one of “American Horror Story” (known to fans as “Murder House”) will be in several episodes at least. 

Here’s what we know about “American Horror Stories.” 

‘American Horror Stories’ has a star-studded cast, like other Ryan Murphy projects

In a recent Instagram post, Murphy (who also created “American Horror Story”) shared details about the cast for the upcoming spinoff. 

Per Murphy’s post, Aaron Tveit will play Adam, Kaia Gerber will play a character named Ruby, Paris Jackson will appear as Maya, Amy Grabow as Tipper Gore, and Danny Trejo will be playing Santa Claus. The “Pose” creator didn’t offer any details on the characters the actors would be playing, leaving the rest up to viewers’ imaginations. 

Murphy’s post did reveal that several “American Horror Story” regulars would be appearing in the new series, including John Carroll Lynch, Billie Lourd, and Matt Bomer. 

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A few weeks ago, Murphy also teased the involvement of actors Nico Greetham, Dyllon Burnside, Kevin McHale, and “Riverdale” star Charles Melton in the show. He captioned a picture of the four actors “The fantastic four,” but didn’t go into further detail about their characters. 

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Murphy hasn’t said yet whether fan favorites Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters will show up in “American Horror Stories,” but fans can definitely count on seeing them in the upcoming tenth season of “American Horror Story: Double Feature.” 

‘American Horror Stories’ will follow a different format than its predecessor

While each season of “American Horror Story” is set in a different time and place (with a new set of characters each time), “American Horror Stories” will take the anthology-style format one step further, and feature completely separate storylines in each hour-long episode. 

This being a Ryan Murphy production, fans will likely recognize a few familiar faces throughout the season, but overall, each episode will be mostly self-contained. 

Per Deadline, every episode of “American Horror Stories” is a “standalone ghost story”— meaning that viewers can expect plenty of evil spirits and hauntings. 

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The first two episodes of ‘American Horror Stories’ premiere Thursday

Each episode will be available to stream exclusively on

, as part of the FX network’s new streaming-exclusive platform. One new episode will be released each week — except for the premiere on July 15, which will be a two-episode drop.

You can watch the trailer below.

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